You love the mowing, the pruning, the tree detail and mulching. But what you really really love is low pricing. Thing is, when you pull back on what you’re willing to spend, contractors have to pull back on services if they wish to stay profitable.

So what can you live with? Every-other-week mowings instead of weekly? Occasional prunings vs. a regular schedule? A “that’s not our job” attitude vs. proactive service? Pulling services one by one to get to a rock-bottom price risks the health and appearance of your community’s landscape. It also means you’re not letting crews do your job the way it should be done; some clients might even expect them to hurry and perform their jobs in unsafe conditions. That’s when ArtisTree steps in and says, “You know what, we’re probably not the best fit for each other. Our people come first.”

Doing more with less reaches the point of diminishing returns in every industry. But in the landscape business, it seems to have a more pronounced effect because of elements that can’t be controlled. Trees grow taller. Storms blow through. Gas prices go up. Homeowner association boards rotate.

But one thing we can all control is establishing a fair budget that we mutually agree upon — one that will result in a beautiful, healthy landscape your residents will love and be proud of. Just remember: You can’t expect a ladder-truck job at a pole-saw price.