Tree Services

Tree Services: Give Us Your Tallest Order

Tree Services

ArtisTree Tree Services

More and more communities are asking for ArtisTree’s tree services to be contracted into their maintenance agreements. Here’s why:

  • We know trees.
  • Our bucket trucks and chippers don’t leak oil and go through yearly safety inspections. (Believe it or not, some of our competitors forego this safety measure and just grease their trucks and go.)
  • We’re a stickler about safety regardless of project size.
  • We clean up. As one property manager told us after we trimmed a long boulevard of Queen Anne palms, “I was expecting debris everywhere, but I can hardly tell you were here.”
  • We can handle big jobs. We’ve worked in communities with 4,000+ palms and countless other tree species. Our project planning is impeccable.

Our Services Are Backed by the Full Strength of ArtisTree

What does a “tree-only” company do if a cut branch falls and flattens your sprinkler head or bougainvillea? Repair or replacement usually take days, or worse yet, you may have to deal with the problem yourself. But since ArtisTree is a full-service landscape company, situations like these can be remedied with a quick phone call. Our tree teams are backed by our irrigation and plant-install experts.

• Trimming

• Tree assessment

• Stump removal

• Chipping

• Debris removal

• Hazardous tree removal

Tree Services