Florida state soil is Myakka fine sand.

Florida’s state soil? You’ll never guess.

Palmettos thrive in Myakka River State Park's sandy "soil." Florida’s state soil may surprise you -- or maybe the fact that we even have a state soil. But yes, every state does, just like having a state flower or a state bird. Our state soil just happens to share the…

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Dipladenia divides ArtisTree Plantopinions experts

Dipladenia, a lovely flowering vine belonging to the Mandevilla genus, adorns countless Sarasota landscapes with colorful, trumpet-like flowers and rich green foliage. But if you mention it to ArtisTree’s Plantopinons experts, prepare to step back because petals might fly. Welcome to our Dipladenia Debate. Dipladenia is a bit "shrubbier" than…

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Double Peach Hibiscus

Double Peach Hibiscus our “Peach Fuzz” Color of the Year

Double Peach Hibiscus immediately sprung to mind when we read that “Peach Fuzz” was announced as 2024’s Color of The Year. Yes, each year the Pantone Color Institute knights a color and gives it a special name. Predictably, marketers love it. Consumers are now being urged to buy toasters, rugs,…

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Tree trimming

Tree trimming in Florida doesn’t have a cutoff date.

Tree trimming in Florida is pretty straightforward. You trim to maintain your tree’s appearance and overall health. That said, ArtisTree has found it best to prune in the fall and winter months after trees lose their leaves. Why? For efficiency and health reasons. Specifically: You can see their branch structure…

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