Florida landscaping plants

Florida landscaping plants that will channel your inner florist.

Abigail Kemp, Purchasing Coordinator at ArtisTree Landscape, offers a list of florist-worthy Florida plants. Florida landscaping plants rival almost any flower you can find at a local florist. Even better, you can bypass expensive order and delivery fees by simply grabbing some scissors and strolling through your own yard. Abigail…

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HOA irrigation

HOA irrigation: Don’t tinker with your timer.

HOA irrigation can be a polarizing topic, so much so that it may be time to reset your thinking about it. So let's take a step back. It’s only natural that when your lawn begins to brown or your plants begin to wilt, you’re likely to blame lack of watering…

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Stokes dwarf holly

Stokes Dwarf Holly: The shapeable shrub with one small snub.

Stokes Dwarf Holly was embraced by all but one ArtisTree judge on our Plantopinions panel, but only for the way people think it should be maintained as a small, tightly pruned shrub. Otherwise, our experts admired them for their dense foliage, tidy appearance and extreme hardiness. You’ll see Stokes Dwarf…

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White bird of paradise

White Bird of Paradise: Think of them as tropical trees.

White Bird of Paradise plants aren’t true palms, ergo their nickname “Bird of Paradise Tree.” Too often homeowners mistakenly think they’ll get big but certainly never taller than their roof. But they can and do. It’s important that you plan for their growth so you can appreciate their beauty instead…

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Agapanthus panned by ArtisTree Plantopinions experts.

Agapanthus doesn’t pan out for most local Sarasota County landscapes, at least if you ask ArtisTree’s Plantopinions experts. No one questions their beauty – delicate blooms in lavender, purple, blue or white perched on tall single stalks. Even the strap-like leaves in clear rich green will draw you in. But…

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