Pyramidal trees

Pyramidal trees add Christmas flair to Sarasota landscapes.

Pyramidal trees planted on Sarasota properties always make an elegant statement -- their natural symmetry accentuating spacious estates and secluded residences. But come December, they take on a special holiday flair, their conical shapes reminiscent of fragrant firs on Christmas tree lots. Here are ArtisTree’s four top pyramidal picks should…

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Work order ArtisTree

Work order etiquette in the landscape world

Work order etiquette in the landscape world might be considered contradictory by some. What does the messy business of digging dirt and wrestling with thorns have to do with decorum and orderliness? Fortunately, ArtisTree’s “A.R.T.” work order system (the ArtisTree Request Tracker) keeps everything neatly organized and documented. It’s a…

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Florida dragonflies

Florida dragonflies create a fall buzz in Sarasota.

Florida dragonflies have been out in force these past few weeks and for good reason. They’ve had the summer to grow and hatch, and now they’re gobbling up mosquitoes by the thousands. So much so that last week a Sarasota resident approached an ArtisTree manager with some concerns about his…

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Sanchezia zebra plants not for gardens of all stripes.

Sanchezia, also known as The Zebra Plant, can “botanical up” your garden but only if you’ve created a proper microclimate for this tropical beauty. It's not for all stripes of plant beds and certainly won’t thrive in wide-open sunny spaces like a new-build property. Instead, this evergreen perennial shrub from…

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