Some days it’s easy to read Mother Nature and tell our mow crews to go home. She’s hurling big lightning bolts and throwing down rain. Since we don’t want to endanger our crews or damage lawns with deep mower ruts, we call it a day and send everyone home.

For the most part, property managers and community residents understand, although a few think we’re all wet and should just struggle through. Nope, we’re not going to do that. Too much on the line, period. Still, we study the radar and make our best educated guess. Most of the time, we’re spot-on with our decision to mow or not to mow. Regardless, we always do our very best to avoid making deep ruts.

But even when we make the right decision not to mow, we sometimes get second-guessed — like the time the sun popped out after four straight days of storms. The ground was saturated and debris was everywhere, but one community still wanted us to ride our heavy mowers across their property. We didn’t, explaining why, of course — and they weren’t too happy about it. But two weeks later, when their neighborhood looked as pristine as ever, they said they were glad they had heeded our advice.

Moral of the story: If you’re working with a reputable landscape company, trust them to make the right decisions not just for the good of your community but also for their maintenance crews. No lawn is worth a serious injury or even worse. Choose a landscape partner with talent and ethics, and you’ll get along just swimmingly. You’ll also have a beautiful, healthy landscape to show for it.

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