Why HOAs Should Avoid Lowball Landscape Maintenance Proposals

If your HOA community is shopping for a new landscape maintenance provider, then you owe it to your board members to share this story with them. One side of the coin: Lowballing prices makes landscape companies competitive and helps them retain clients who may look elsewhere. The flip side: Going with the cheapest price often results in landscapes slowly going downhill after the honeymoon period. Crews start cutting corners and using inferior products, with some companies not even bothering with licensed applicators.


Where does ArtisTree stand? Well, we’ve found that while pricing is important to our customers, it’s not the only thing that matters. Quality matters and so does our hard-earned reputation. We’re not in the business to compete with cutthroats for the hope of landing a two-year account. We’re here to develop long-term relationships, several that have started with clients who are dissatisfied with lowball contractors and ask their property managers to put their contract out for bid again.

Those who sign on with ArtisTree soon understand and appreciate our commitment to quality regardless of price. Instead of cutting corners, we do what it takes to deliver exceptional results because 1) That’s what we do, and 2) From what we gather in meetings and phone conversations, clients want to see visible improvement. So even if we did drop our prices, we don’t want to give you the same services you’re receiving now.

We want to give you something better.


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