Lakewood Ranch Landscapes Are Sound Investments

Beautiful Lakewood Ranch landscapes don’t always get the credit they deserve. Each community within attributes its appeal to the residential architecture, the community’s special amenities and, of course, its convenient location. But what about those healthy lawns? The colorful plant beds? The expertly trimmed trees?

Lakewood Ranch Landscapes ArtisTree

Ask a landscape company — any landscape company – what sells a Lakewood Ranch home, and they’ll say it’s the curb appeal. But ask our landscape design experts here at ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design, and we’ll give you a more nuanced answer. Where others see lawns, we see a valuable HOA community investment that we’re responsible for maintaining.

Reduced landscape maintenance services don’t cut it.

Repair costs caused by one careless fertilizer treatment, one skipped pruning or one unfocused landscaping crew member can drive a community association’s financial statement into the ground. Yet some associations ask landscape companies to protect their community association’s property investment with incomplete or reduced services. We’ll be the first to say it: If a landscape company says this is possible, be skeptical. Ask questions.

Lakewood Ranch Landscapes

Because ArtisTree views Lakewood Ranch landscapes as a valuable property investment, we don’t skimp on chinch bug treatments when they’re required. We treat the entire lawn instead of spraying here and there. Fertilizer treatments? No short-changing your schedule with inferior product. Mulch season? You get your contracted amount and not a bag less. And because diseases and pests don’t wait every other month to do their damage, we’re out on properties every month to prune and monitor plants. At ArtisTree, we do what we say we’re going to do.

ArtisTree helps protect your HOA’s valuable property investment.

So don’t downplay Lakewood Ranch landscapes. Their appearance and health are just as important as the homes sitting on top of them. Next time you’re driving through and see a beautiful HOA community, think about the company who maintains it and its service philosophy of treating landscapes as a valuable property investment. You’re likely to see our ArtisTree landscape crews there.

ArtisTree provides custom proposals to landscape-maintained HOA communities throughout Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties. If you would like to see our work, we also offer tours of our properties throughout Lakewood Ranch upon request!

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