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Florida geraniums

Florida Geraniums Planted in Wrong Months Finally Speak Up

These Florida geraniums are the darlings of fall & winter landscapes. Florida geraniums weary of being planted in summer asked ArtisTree Landscape to explain why, especially now that October is here. Here is their letter printed in its entirety. Dear Florida Geranium Homeowners, If you’ve relocated from the Northeast to…

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purple-flowering plants

Purple-flowering Plants and Trees for Southwest Florida

“I always favor purple-flowering plants and trees, because purple is the color of royalty. Purple pigment was very expensive and hard to obtain, which made it a rare and unique color to be worn only by kings and queens. Purple flowers in the landscape also provide a rich color that…

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Angel’s Trumpet — A June Bloomer in Venice, Florida

Happy Solstice! June 20 is the first full day of summer, and the blooming plants in Venice, Florida, have received the memo. Like the solstitial sun, the yellow blooms of angel’s trumpet are blazing and vibrant in June. If sunny yellow isn’t your color, angel's trumpet also comes in white,…

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Pantone 2018 Color of the Year

Add a Punch of Purple to Your Florida Landscape

If you’ve always wanted to add purple plantings to your Florida landscape, this is the fashionable year to do it! The Pantone Color Institute has announced “Ultra Violet” as its official 2018 color, and ArtisTree is tickled pink to offer you a purple punch list of pleasing options. For starters,…

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