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Sarasota landscape trends

Sarasota Landscape Trends: Should You Care?

Landscape trends are a tough concept to embrace if you live in a Sarasota HOA community. For instance, if your homeowner’s association has a pre-approved plant and tree list, you’ll have a hard time introducing a new “trendy” option you’ve read about in a national garden magazine. One such publication…

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Landscape mistakes

Landscape Mistakes That Will Date Your Florida Home

L to R: ArtisTree VP of Landscape Design Joe Mantkowski with landscape designers Clinton Lak, Chris Culp, Brian Clouser and Elisabeth Owen Landscape mistakes don’t always happen by mistake. For instance, you might think red mulch and black rubber edging enhance your plant beds perfectly. But poor choices or landscaping…

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White plantings Florida gardenias

White Plantings in Florida Landscapes

White plantings in Florida landscapes don’t always get the credit they deserve, primarily because they’re eclipsed by tropical colors of lemony yellows and brilliant oranges. But white plantings also deserve their day in the sun for the way they fit into almost any landscape. Here are some ArtisTree Tips to…

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