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White bird of paradise

White Bird of Paradise: Think of them as tropical trees.

White Bird of Paradise plants aren’t true palms, ergo their nickname “Bird of Paradise Tree.” Too often homeowners mistakenly think they’ll get big but certainly never taller than their roof. But they can and do. It’s important that you plan for their growth so you can appreciate their beauty instead…

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Approved plant lists HOA

Approved plant lists in Florida HOAs: Do you know yours?

Creating a landscape plan without knowing what plants are allowed in your HOA is a waste of time. Approved plant lists in HOA communities can be viewed as your friend or enemy. On one hand, they serve as established guidelines that facilitate landscape design by listing plants suitable to your…

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Liriope retains its glamorous green with proper care.

"My liriope grass looked absolutely great when first planted, but now the discoloration is driving me nuts. What’s going on? I’m spending hours pulling out all the dead blades." -- Pam W., University Park, FL When strategically planted and properly cared for, liriope explodes with rich green blades that arch…

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