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Florida dragonflies

Florida dragonflies create a fall buzz in Sarasota.

Florida dragonflies have been out in force these past few weeks and for good reason. They’ve had the summer to grow and hatch, and now they’re gobbling up mosquitoes by the thousands. So much so that last week a Sarasota resident approached an ArtisTree manager with some concerns about his…

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Pink Hibiscus mealybugs

Bugged by Pink Hibiscus Mealybugs in SW Florida?

ArtisTree continues to watch for Pink Hibiscus mealybugs in the Sarasota region, only this year we seem to be seeing more of them in new-construction areas. “When we get a call on possible PHM activity, it’s more often than not from a newer community,” says ArtisTree Lawn & Ornamental Manager…

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sod webworms

Sod Webworms Come From Moths in Sarasota Lawns

If you see tiny moths dancing on your Sarasota lawn, you probably have tropical sod webworms. Yes, those tan-colored moths flittering over your St. Augustine grass (or any warm-season turf grass for that matter) are an indicator of existing worms or a hatch about to happen. You’ll need to act…

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eaten oleander leaves


What’s that you see on your thinning oleanders? Is it the pesky pest Syntomeida epilais Walker, more commonly known as the oleander caterpillar? Or the spotted oleander caterpillar moth? If you live in Southwest Florida, you’re probably seeing an infestation of oleander caterpillars (no spots). If this critter with its…

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