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fishtail palms

Fishtail palms planted in right spot will have you hooked.

Fishtail palms in Sarasota do swimmingly well in landscapes with no space constraints. But plant them in a tight little area and you’ll have a whale of a time controlling their growth. No, they’re not invasive. They just like to grow! Properly placed, your fishtails will serve as a unique…

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Italian cypress trees

Italian cypress trees: Get the skinny from ArtisTree experts.

Italian cypress trees impress with their tall, statuesque presence and ultra-thin shape. But behind their stately appearance are maintenance concerns and questionable ability to withstand high winds (like any other tall tree in Florida, right?). Still, there's much to be said for these slim evergreens and their Mediterranean vibe. Get…

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Dipladenia divides ArtisTree Plantopinions experts

Dipladenia, a lovely flowering vine belonging to the Mandevilla genus, adorns countless Sarasota landscapes with colorful, trumpet-like flowers and rich green foliage. But if you mention it to ArtisTree’s Plantopinons experts, prepare to step back because petals might fly. Welcome to our Dipladenia Debate. Dipladenia is a bit "shrubbier" than…

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