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Landscape palms

Use a Variety of Palms to Spice Up Your Florida Landscape

Some Florida gardeners prefer to keep it simple with their palm selections, and we totally understand why. There are, after all, more than 2,500 different types to choose from, and they each require different growing conditions. It can be intimidating to say at the very least -- and tempting to go…

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Dwarf Jatropha bloom

Dwarf Jatropha: Star of South Florida Landscapes

If you’re looking for a glamorous little tree that can belt out scarlet flowers 365 days a year, consider a Jatropha integerrima ‘Compacta,’ or dwarf jatropha. This show-stealer is actually a shrub, but when trained to grow in multiple trunks, it earns star status as one of the best-dressed ornamentals…

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potato vine

Sweet Potato Vine: You Can’t Peel Your Eyes Away

Does your Southwest Florida landscape need a rampant groundcover to blanket a large area fast? Consider the eye-catching ornamental sweet potato vine (not to be confused with the invasive air potato vine) with its brilliant chartreuse or dark purple leaves. Yes, it will grow edible potatoes, but they’re not very…

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