Florida Landscape Boulders Add Style and Function

Florida landscape boulders at night

Florida landscape boulders add style and function to countless residential settings both inland and coastal. But not all installations go well. To avoid mini-avalanches slammed up against your shrubs, think “right rock, right place.” Painstaking placement will be key to creating your perfect Florida garden.

ArtisTree’s advice? Leave no stone unturned. Work with a professional landscaper designer to identify exactly what you’re looking for down to the very last detail. In the world of boulders, every single element counts: color, texture, material, size and weight. Why weight? Large, heavy boulders can increase labor and transportation costs significantly, so ideally your landscape designer should purchase boulders from local rock yards or use ones you already have on site.


Florida landscape boulders in fire pit areaBut first things first. Let’s talk about functionality. Your designer will suggest grouping your Florida landscape boulders to create a connection with your home’s natural surroundings. But maybe you have your eye on creating an outdoor seating area. What about that water feature you’ve been dreaming of? Or the fire pit for entertaining friends and family in cooler weather?


Florida landscape boulders grace a residential entranceOnce you determine functionality, the fun part starts. Don’t make the mistake that a lot of homeowners do by thinking a rock is just a rock. This is your opportunity to think creatively and talk aesthetics. Ask your landscape designer about shapes and color choices. Round or angular? Dark or light? Plain or patterned? At ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design, we often specify Florida limestone “cap rock” quarried in our own state and will have sample photos on hand to share with our clients. Florida landscape boulders are literally a cornerstone of one’s landscape, so don’t skip this chance to have a say in the selection.


Florida landscape boulders help prevent soil erosionFinally, it’s time to place your boulders (after large trees have been installed but before smaller plant material goes in). Trust your landscape foreman to go by your approved plan and adjust positioning as needed. If you absolutely want to be present when your bigger boulders are placed, be there. Scooting a 1,000-pound boulder a little to the left a month later might be a wee bit problematic. Then enjoy your low-maintenance selections!

By considering all your needs and lifestyle, a good professional landscape company like ArtisTree will be able to give you an outdoor space you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

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