HOA Landscape Maintenance Fees Just One Leaf on the Tree

HOA fees are generally collected to cover a variety of items, not just landscape maintenance services.

HOA landscape maintenance fees represent just one leaf on a tree. But some Florida residents mistakenly think otherwise.

Take one Sarasota homeowner. He was frustrated with an irrigation head that was malfunctioning. So he asked ArtisTree Landscape to come out and inspect it. “Look at my grass,” he said, pointing to an area that was beginning to brown. “I pay you guys $425 a month to keep my place looking good!”

Whoa, hold up a minute. Yes, it would have been nice to receive $425 a month to maintain this gentleman’s property! But ArtisTree explained that its contracted cost per door represented just a small percentage of that amount.

“Then what am I’m paying for?” asked the homeowner. “Where’s my $425 going?”

“Then what am I paying for?”

We said HOA fees are generally collected to cover a variety of services. Typically, they include upkeep of landscaped common areas, pool/clubhouse maintenance, house painting, roof cleaning, insurance and other items. A portion of these monthly dues may also go to a reserve fund for major community repairs. ArtisTree suggested that he refer to his HOA documents for specifics. Then we went to work, repairing his irrigation head and replacing another one nearby.

A few hours later, we returned to our office and pulled out the community’s contract. There, at the bottom, was our cost per door: $110 a month. It included mowing, shrub pruning, irrigation inspections, fertilizer/pest control, irrigation warranty, account supervision and an online work order request system.

Yes, all for $110 a month* – a far cry from $425. Just imagine what the price would be if all these services were contracted out to separate vendors.

Like we said, HOA landscape maintenance fees are just one leaf on the HOA fee tree. It’s a leaf that affects home values, livability, pride of ownership, overall plant health and a safe outdoor environment. The question is: How valuable do you think that one leaf is?

How valuable do you think that one leaf is?

Looking for a reputable landscape company that delivers top quality maintenance services at a fair and reasonable cost? Contact Mike Casper at 941.488.8897 or mikec@artistree.com. He’ll be happy to get your ArtisTree proposal started.

*Amount varies community to community.

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