HOA Landscape Maintenance Services Going Downhill?

HOA landscape maintenance
This 300-home community once maintained by ArtisTree took a downhill slide in just three months after a new contract based on low price was signed.

HOA landscape maintenance is a touchy subject. As ArtisTree Vice President of Operations Bill Walters puts it, “People get passionate about landscaping. Some of the things people say to you will blow your mind.”

Yes, Sarasota homeowners and boards have definite opinions on what defines a well-kept community and quality HOA landscape maintenance. A fallen palm frond “destroys” the appearance of an otherwise impeccable yard. A blade of crack grass has the audacity to pop out of a driveway. A brown curled leaf offends if not immediately blown away. Imagine these “violations” occurring on less than a handful of properties in a 300-home community. Are they enough to make tempers flare? Unfortunately, yes. ArtisTree has seen it happen more than once.

ArtisTree fixes unwanted crack grass
ArtisTree crews work to control “The Great Divide” — unwanted crack grass.

But nothing compares to switching providers for a cheaper price.

Still, these “infractions” are minor compared to seeing homeowners’ disappointment after switching companies to save two dollars a door. All too often, they watch their HOA landscape maintenance services begin to deteriorate — sometimes as early as three months into a new contract. Suddenly that single palm frond they remember falling doesn’t affect their blood pressure in quite the same way. Their HOA landscape maintenance services are going downhill fast, and they wonder if their community is ever going to look as good as it once did. So much for putting one’s house on the market when there’s no curb appeal!

ArtisTree maintained community
This 300-home community currently maintained by ArtisTree is praised by residents who value quality & communication.

Do your due diligence and compare landscape maintenance companies.

Before you make the mistake of thinking all HOA landscape maintenance services are just a commodity and should cost the same, compare proposals. Review them page by page instead of flipping to the total cost and then pushing them aside. Ask for references. Tour the properties. Know what you’re signing.

Ben Franklin said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” This especially holds true if a landscape company has to bill for clean-up charges just to bring an unattended community up to basic standards so it can be maintained to contract specifications.

HOA landscape maintenance services

Contact ArtisTree

If you and your community are suffering from landscape company remorse and need quality HOA landscape maintenance, contact Michael Casper at mikec@artistree.com or 941.488.8897, ext. 321, for a proposal to meet your budget needs. ArtisTree welcomes the opportunity to get your HOA community looking good again.

Wishing for a landscape renovation? Contact Jenni Lassen to meet with one of our award-winning designers. Let’s get your dream landscape off the ground.

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