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White bird of paradise

White Bird of Paradise: Think of them as tropical trees.

White Bird of Paradise plants aren’t true palms, ergo their nickname “Bird of Paradise Tree.” Too often homeowners mistakenly think they’ll get big but certainly never taller than their roof. But they can and do. It’s important that you plan for their growth so you can appreciate their beauty instead…

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fishtail palms

Fishtail palms planted in right spot will have you hooked.

Fishtail palms in Sarasota do swimmingly well in landscapes with no space constraints. But plant them in a tight little area and you’ll have a whale of a time controlling their growth. No, they’re not invasive. They just like to grow! Properly placed, your fishtails will serve as a unique…

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Sago palms

Sago palms in Florida: Know before you grow.

This Cycas revoluta, also known as a Sago palm, thrives at a Lakewood Ranch residence. Sago palms add a stunning exotic vibe to Florida properties, but several landscape companies – ArtisTree included –will only recommend them with caveats. In the early 1990s, Asian cycad scale wiped out nearly 60 percent…

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Seasonal shade

Seasonal shade syndrome: What it means for your sun-loving plants.

Seasonal directional sun doesn’t play by anyone’s rules but its own. In Florida’s winter months, it comes in from the south after blazing from the north all summer long.  Your sun-loving plants could be slapped with significant winter shade and lose their color due to what some call Seasonal Shade…

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