Sarasota Landscape Trends: Should You Care?

Sarasota landscape trends

Landscape trends are a tough concept to embrace if you live in a Sarasota HOA community. For instance, if your homeowner’s association has a pre-approved plant and tree list, you’ll have a hard time introducing a new “trendy” option you’ve read about in a national garden magazine. One such publication we came across stated that 2023 landscape trends will range from a “wild and earthy Garden of Eden vibe” to ”Scandinavian Minimalist following the Danish concept of hygge.”

Try explaining that to your HOA board! That aside, two experts at ArtisTree Landscape explain why they tend to dislike trends.

Sarasota landscape trends

Joe Mantkowski, ArtisTree VP of Design

I’m not a fan of following landscape “trends.” To me, landscape is very personal choice that’s contingent upon several variables:

  • Weather/plant zones/geography
  • Property orientation & vantage points
  • Existing conditions (HOA guidelines)
  • Maintenance level/difficulty
  • Privacy needs
  • Entertainment needs
  • Style/color of home

Your landscape should reflect what’s important to you, which can be doable even inside the confines of HOA regulations. One of my customers had little involvement in the planning/design of his new home construction. Now that he’s been in the house for a couple of years, he’ll often ask ArtisTree to upgrade and change things around in his yard for many reasons. But trends are not one of them. His focus is on bettering the optics around his yard and enhancing his lifestyle while living there. It’s very satisfying for ArtisTree to be part of that process.

Brian Clouser, ArtisTree Landscape Designer

I’m not a fan of trends in landscaping because they can lead to frequent changes instead of allowing the landscape to establish and develop. Trends come and go. But a landscape that’s been given a chance to mature and be refreshed from time to time will keep adding value to your home.

My view is that “trends” will probably stay similar in the Sarasota and Venice areas as they have in the past. Most homes have limited property for landscaping. The biggest “trend” is about maximizing your space to its fullest potential as a usable outdoor area for you and your family. We’ll always be trying to find that magic plant that requires minimal maintenance and water while still providing year ‘round color and flowers.


Design trends are interesting to read about just so you can see what’s going on in the landscape world. But in the end, you should make realistic choices that suit your needs and tastes. Need guidance? If you live in Sarasota, Manatee or Charlotte counties, contact ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design at 941.488.8897. Let’s get your dream landscape off the ground! ArtisTree also provides HOA landscape maintenance services.

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