Cable lines in your yard buried deep enough?

In superhero cartoons, having X-ray vision means having the supernatural ability to see through opaque objects. It’s like seeing what’s inside your fridge without cracking the door open. Or knowing the exact depth of a cable line by just gazing at your turf. That’s what ArtisTree explained (in so many words) to a homeowner who was unhappy that a mow crew member had cut his cable line.

After evaluating the area, ArtisTree Branch Manager Scott Acton observed that the cable was not buried deep enough. “Sir, no landscape maintenance worker has the ability to see what’s buried only an inch or so under the surface. Until your cable company gets your line buried properly, this frustration will continue to happen,” he kindly explained.

“It’s our understanding that cable lines are supposed to be buried at a minimal depth of six to eight inches. If this was done properly — at least along the grass/mulch border — then the edger’s cutting depth of two to three inches would not find the cable. The fault lies with the cable company.” The issue ended amicably, with the homeowner contacting the cable company to retrench the line.

Why proper cable burial matters

Cable burial creates a physical barrier between animals, water damage, and yes, landscape crews and other workers who unfortunately don’t have X-ray vision. It’s simple and straightforward. Workers are required by contract to trim their communities. Cable companies are required to ensure a homeowner’s internet connection is working properly.

Bottom line: Put lines on the bottom

Dig the right depth. Place the cable. Pack the soil to make it secure. It’s a win-win-win — for the cable company, the landscaper and, most importantly, the homeowner. Everyone can be a superhero by doing their jobs quickly, efficiently and with pride.

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