Sarasota drought prompts ArtisTree to write letter to November.

Dear November:

Well, we can’t blame you. The months before you — especially July, August and September — left a mess. How could we ever expect you to make up for them?

July 2023 was Earth’s hottest month on record. Sarasota County had its driest September in 129 years. Right now, 77.6% of people in Sarasota County are affected by drought, with 2023 being our second driest year to date (January through October) in the past 129 years. So far, we’re down 13.66 inches from normal.

So yes, November, we know you’re having a hard time being your regular self. At least this week’s anticipated rains will be a good start. But some homeowners in our maintained communities are growing peeved, especially returning snowbirds unaware of all our past heat advisories.

Still, we’ll keep moving forward. ArtisTree crews are working tirelessly, keeping systems at optimum working levels by performing our contracted irrigation checks. In most cases, we’re seeing that things are functioning as they should be. While we’re making every effort to address concerns, some communities may still see stressed areas of turf due to high temperatures and limited rain. As we so often remind, irrigation is just a supplement to rain as we get through this prolonged dry spell. 

OK, that’s it, November. We know you’re dealing with the hand that Mother Nature dealt you, but we hope that next year we’ll be talking about something other than Sarasota drought conditions. Oh, before we forget: Thanks for always bringing us one of our favorite days of the year: Thanksgiving. We sincerely do appreciate it.

With deepest gratitude,

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