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ArtisTree Landscape Sarasota

ArtisTree Landscape Writes Letter to Month of June

What happens when a dry spell lasts forever? At ArtisTree, we get our pen out. Dear June, Well, here we are -- just you and us and the summer heat. Once again, you’ve brought drought conditions to our wonderful piece of paradise, but then we know how mercurial you are.…

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Supplement irrigation with hose

Smart Floridians Supplement Irrigation with Garden Hoses

Smart Floridians supplement irrigation with good, old-fashioned garden hoses. But those who don’t? They might be missing out, says ArtisTree Irrigation Manager Bob Hall. ArtisTree Irrigation Manager Bob Hall “I can’t tell you how many times homeowners will turn on their entire system for 30 minutes, all because an area…

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ArtisTree Landscape

Establishing New Plantings In Your Southwest Florida Landscape

You’ve made a considerable investment in landscaping your Southwest Florida home, and your landscape designer says to hand-water your new plantings until they’re “established.” What exactly does that mean? Well, every species has its own set of requirements to thrive, but generally speaking, a well- established plant is one that…

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Smart Irrigation Month


Imagine coming home to an irrigation geyser that’s been shooting up into your soffit all day long. The damage, the repair expense, the flooded plant material below -- you could have avoided it all by adding inexpensive pressure reducers to your irrigation system. To keep a situation like this from…

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