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Lanai landscaping

Lanai Landscaping in Sarasota: Think Outside the Pool Cage

Lanai landscaping looks easy enough, doesn’t it? You plant pretty things inside your pool cage and then plant more outside for extra beauty and privacy. All looks great, so you start hosting pool parties. But months later your lanai looks like it’s taken a dive. What’s up? It’s the most…

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coastal landscape

ArtisTree-Designed Coastal Landscape Goes LEED Platinum

Life is a breeze at this beautifully landscaped coastal home.  Our objective: To create a functional, sustainable, no-turf  coastal landscape. Our landscape design had to be aesthetically pleasing, minimally-impactful/low-maintenance and congruent with 1) the home’s architecture, 2) coastal environment and 3) homeowner’s lifestyle. We rolled up our sleeves and went to…

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cap stone

Landscaper’s Secret for Keeping Your Florida Cap Rock Clean

Almost no Florida landscape is complete without some type of stonework, and one of ArtisTree’s top favorites is cap rock – a limestone quarried in our own state and used for rock walls, accent pieces, waterfalls and planters. While cap rock is lovely to look at and has that perfect…

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Mmm. You know it’s here by the fragrant smell of cypress or pine bark wafting from nature’s floor, or in this case, around your shrub beds. That’s right: it’s mulch season – the time of year when an innocent little piece of bark can turn homeowners into monsters or merrymakers.…

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