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Giant Apostle's Iris

Giant Apostle’s Iris Challenges Sarasota Resident’s Faith

Giant Apostle’s Iris is celebrated for its magnificent purple flowers rippled with rich yellow and mahogany tones. But for one Sarasota homeowner, its magnificence didn’t exist -- at least not at first. The Giant Apostle's Iris in all its glory: a stunning repeat bloomer spring to fall in SW Florida.…

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Eugenia rated by ArtisTree Plantopinions experts

"I admire Eugenia, but there always seems to be one or two in a hedge that never look good. Do they not do well in Sarasota? I live in Lakewood Ranch." -- Tony D. Ah, a good observation. Eugenia shrubs in Sarasota would enjoy a stellar reputation if it weren’t…

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Dwarf oleanders

Dwarf Oleanders Embraced if Planted in Right Place

Dwarf oleanders beckon from afar with soft, subtle beauty -- their blooms adding a fresh, clean look to millions of Florida landscapes. One wonders how a poisonous plant can be this pretty. Yes, all parts of dwarf oleander shrubs are poisonous if consumed. But if you plant them in the…

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