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Dwarf oleanders

Dwarf Oleanders Embraced if Planted in Right Place

Dwarf oleanders beckon from afar with soft, subtle beauty -- their blooms adding a fresh, clean look to millions of Florida landscapes. One wonders how a poisonous plant can be this pretty. Yes, all parts of dwarf oleander shrubs are poisonous if consumed. But if you plant them in the…

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Golden Dewdrop tree

ArtisTree Plantopinions: Golden Dewdrop Trees Will Grow on You

Purple frothy flowers, adoring butterflies, glowing green leaves -- what’s not to like about Golden Dewdrop trees? These fast growers (also known as Duranta erecta or Duranta trees) have a wild side to them that can easily be kept in check (if you prefer) to maintain their free-spirit charm. Although…

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Shrimp plants Florida

Shrimp Plants a Tasteful Choice for Florida Landscapes

Just to assure you, Florida shrimp plants are in no way related to the crustaceans of the appetizer world. Instead, their colorful bracts are shaped just like the shellfish, hence the name. ArtisTree designers are delighted to serve up a host of reasons to include these tropical perennials in your…

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Florida Copperleaf

Florida Copperleaf Comes with Caveats

Florida Copperleaf is one of those “Great Choice But" plants. For the most part, ArtisTree’s panel of experts likes this tropical evergreen but suggests things you need to watch for if you’re going to plant these fiery beauties. Given the right care and placement, Copperleaf will reward you with its…

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