Double Peach Hibiscus our “Peach Fuzz” Color of the Year

Double Peach Hibiscus immediately sprung to mind when we read that “Peach Fuzz” was announced as 2024’s Color of The Year. Yes, each year the Pantone Color Institute knights a color and gives it a special name. Predictably, marketers love it. Consumers are now being urged to buy toasters, rugs, sneakers and house paint in a “velvety gentle peach tone that enriches mind, body and soul.”

Well, not to rain on Pantone’s parade, but ArtisTree landscape designers won’t be calling this specimen Peach Fuzz Hibiscus anytime soon. But we DO have warm fuzzy feelings about this peach beauty and will gladly explain why.

Double Peach Hibiscus

Double Peach Hibiscus bursts with gorgeous blooms.

The Double Peach isn’t rare. It’s commonly used in zones 10-11 because it blooms prolifically and goes well with almost any style of landscape. We’re not talking standard blooms, either. We’re talking ruffled double ones. For a lush vibrant appearance, these beloved evergreens are a peach of a choice. With proper care, they’ll bloom off and on all year long. Each flower typically lasts a day or two but is quickly replaced by more. By the way, standard hibiscus is available in eye-catching pink, yellow, red, white and purple – but we’ll leave those for another Pantone color of the year announcement.

Double Peach Hibiscus is versatile.

This hibiscus looks splendid in almost any shape or form. Plant shrubs three apart and watch them amass into a lush hedge or screen. Purchase them as ornamental trees. Plant just a few to accent your entryway or walkways. Or consider installing a group to anchor your garden bed. They look wonderful paired with Gold Mound, crotons, plumbago, white fountain grass and many others.

Double Peach Hibiscus

Double Peach Hibiscus is easy-care.

Surprisingly, this showstopper doesn’t require much attention. Just provide it with well-drained soil and full to partial sun. Make sure you water regularly to keep the soil consistently moist or else it can get scraggly. Give it a good prune late March to early April to encourage maintain shape and encourage new growth (it’s usually kept at 4-6 feet tall). Other than that, fertilize three times a year (spring, summer, fall) to keep those blooms — and the butterflies — coming.

If you’re looking to add some peach fuzz to your Sarasota landscape, consider the “Peach Fuzz” color of Double Peach Hibiscus. It might be just the specimen you’re looking for to juice up your garden.

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