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River Birch trees

River Birch Trees Surprise in East Sarasota and Manatee counties  

River Birch trees are always a pleasant surprise for newcomers relocating to Florida. Instead of white trunks associated with other birches, this specimen in east Sarasota and Manatee counties boasts a showy trunk of silver and salmon bark that peels into papery curls for year-long contrast. Its stunning “trunk show”…

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Golden Dewdrop tree

ArtisTree Plantopinions: Golden Dewdrop Trees Will Grow on You

Purple frothy flowers, adoring butterflies, glowing green leaves -- what’s not to like about Golden Dewdrop trees? These fast growers (also known as Duranta erecta or Duranta trees) have a wild side to them that can easily be kept in check (if you prefer) to maintain their free-spirit charm. Although…

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Florida Pitch Apple Hedge

Why Florida Pitch Apple Is Sarasota’s “Signature” Plant

A row of Florida Pitch Apple shrubs surrounds this cozy Sarasota oasis. Sarasota homeowners sign off on Florida Pitch Apple for its hardy good looks and versatility of being grown as a shrub, hedge or tree. But did you know you can actually “sign” its leathery leaves? Yes, you can…

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