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Golden dewdrop growing in Florida

Florida Golden Dewdrops Attract Butterflies Year Round

Florida golden dewdrops attract butterflies with frilly flowers that spritz like a bubbling park fountain. But we already know what you’re wondering. Why are golden dewdrops purple? Well, if you look closely, you’ll see golden berry clusters all over the place. But their huge appeal doesn’t stop there. These woody…

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Anderson Crepe Hibiscus Tree Impresses in Easter Pink

Pink candy eggs delivered by the Easter Bunny are always nice, but a pink Anderson Crepe Hibiscus Tree is so much nicer. First of all, this pink charmer doesn't melt. Second, it will be there for you long after Easter with soft pink flowers that sway your gaze. Why? ArtisTree…

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Orange Geiger A Splendid Coastal Tree for Florida Beachfront Homes

Orange Geiger is a splendid coastal tree for Florida beachfront homes misted with sea spray. Sarasota and Venice residents have a crush on this orange beauty for a variety of reasons, as do the designers at Venice-based ArtisTree Landscape. Here's why. For starters, let’s talk about those deep-orange crinkly blossoms…

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Spartan juniper

Spartan Juniper: Fast-growing Hedge for Sarasota

Do you need privacy from a roadway or neighbor? Want a tall, luxurious hedge to boost the value of your property? Plant a row of Spartan junipers, and before you know it, your backyard will become a peaceful and private sanctuary. Native to China (not Ancient Greece as its name…

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