Radermachera isn’t on our radar: ArtisTree Plantopinions experts explain why.

A homeowner sent us photos of a flowering hedge surrounding a North Venice golf course. “What is this and do you recommend it?” she asked, adding she loved the way it smelled but it looked a little stressed.

This Radermachera Kunming is planted next to Red-tipped Cocoplum.

ArtisTree’s Plantopinions experts recognized the plant but only had brief comments to make. (If you know our experts, you might think they all had sore throats or were in a hurry to go to a job site). Uncharacteristically reserved, our opinionated bunch kept largely quiet on what they thought of Radermachera Kunming, also known as Dwarf Tree Jasmine.

“Never use it so I don’t have any input on it.”

“I really don’t know anything about this plant. I’ve never used it before.”

“They look neat but may have an issue with cold temperatures in our area. I haven’t used them here and don’t remember nurseries ever offering them, even when I was ordering tropical plants.”

“I have two but they’re more common to the south of us. They smell lovely but are very temperamental about water and unhappy during the winter. I don’t use them in designing.”

“I typically don’t use them since they get too large.”

So why is Radermachera Kunming even planted in the Sarasota/Venice area?

Radermachera: a temperamental tropical in zones 9A-10B

Yes, Radarmachera Kunming or Dwarf Tree Jasmine is recommended for zones 9-11. But ArtisTree designers find it to be a temperamental tropical in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties (Zones 9A-10B). Still, if you want to give it a try knowing that hardier options exist, here’s a helpful snapshot:

  • The sunnier and warmer it is, the better Dwarf Tree Jasmine will grow. It’s happy in both sunlight and filtered locations.
  • This upright evergreen can be maintained as a small specimen, shrub, tree or hedge. Grows 15 to 20 feet but can be pruned to desired size pending how you wish to use it.
  • Clusters of bell-shaped flowers range in color from light pink to off-white with yellow centers. Some say the flowers smell like cotton candy or juicy fruit. Blooms early to late summer.
  • Requires only moderate fertilization and watering. Will not tolerate standing water and will require supplemental water during droughts or extended heat periods.

Good luck!

Be aware that if you live in zones 9A-10B, your Radermachera Kunming may not look as beautiful as this one in West Palm Beach. Cold sensitivity and water needs are issues.

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