One of ArtisTree’s favorite palms is the rare mule palm, distinguished by a trait of its mammal namesake: Neither can reproduce.  Native to Florida, the mule palm isn’t inexpensive; however, it does offer characteristics that no other palm can beat. A cross between a Queen palm and the Pindo, this sturdy hybrid brings you the best of all worlds—aesthetics, fast growth, salt and drought tolerant, and extremely hardy in Southwest Florida’s cold and windy pockets.

Mule palms can withstand partial shade and will quickly grow to 30 feet tall with fronds reminiscent of the cold-sensitive coconut palm. For a truly unique landscape, ArtisTree likes to plant these in clusters or pairs where their mature trunks can majestically curve and form a graceful canopy. Once they’re installed and established, all you have to do kick back and enjoy.

mule palm 2

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