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Agapanthus panned by ArtisTree Plantopinions experts.

Agapanthus doesn’t pan out for most local Sarasota County landscapes, at least if you ask ArtisTree’s Plantopinions experts. No one questions their beauty – delicate blooms in lavender, purple, blue or white perched on tall single stalks. Even the strap-like leaves in clear rich green will draw you in. But…

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Seasonal shade

Seasonal shade syndrome: What it means for your sun-loving plants.

Seasonal directional sun doesn’t play by anyone’s rules but its own. In Florida’s winter months, it comes in from the south after blazing from the north all summer long.  Your sun-loving plants could be slapped with significant winter shade and lose their color due to what some call Seasonal Shade…

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Sarasota landscapes

Sarasota Landscapes Get Old: What You Can Do About It

Sarasota landscapes can get old just like people do. If you have mature plantings that look tired and outdated, it might be time to “retire” them in exchange for a modern design that better provides for your future needs.   Sarasota landscapes: Get it together with the right choices. Retirement…

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