Montgomery Palms Are Growing Popular in Southwest Florida

Montgomery palms are growing popular in Southwest Florida, but for ArtisTree Landscape, they’ve always been a longtime favorite.

For starters, Montgomery palms are what we call a Goldilock species – not too big, not too small, but just right. These fast growers (25-35 feet) can fit in tight spaces and are ideal for residential and commercial buildings where every inch of ground counts. We like them around lanais and patio settings, planting them in off-set rows and in clusters. They make nice single specimens, too.

Second, Montgomery palms just look good. They have slim trunks, a canopy of 8-10 leaves, and stiff feathered fronds that have a spunky attitude. The Montgomery’s overall stature creates a formal but friendly feel, just like they do on small islands in the South Pacific.

Finally, these wonderful growers are easy to care for. They need full sun and lots of moisture, so don’t let them dry out between watering. They’ll tolerate mild frosts, too, although the leaves might get a little tattered in cold winter winds. They recover nicely in the spring, though.

We wondered about this palm’s common name and looked it up. Turns out it honors Col. R.H. Montgomery, a friend of American botanist David Fairchild. But the genus name is Veitchia arecina, which commemorates British nurserymen James and John Veitch (the Latin word Arecina means “resembling an Areca”).

If you’re looking for a jaunty palm that doesn’t require a lot of care, consider Montgomery palms for your southwest Florida garden. Go ahead, ask your local nursery or landscape designer about them. We’re confident they’ll nod in agreement. Looking for a landscape design company familiar with these beauties? Contact Jenni Lassen at and she’ll schedule a meeting for you with one of our award-winning designers. Or call 941.488.8897. ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design serves clients in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties.

Montgomery palms

Montgomery palms grace Florida home.



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