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Southwest Florida Ribbon Palms a Gift from Mother Nature

Southwest Florida ribbon palms are gifts that keep on giving. Their “ribbons” are actually long fronds that have split from their fan-shaped base. When a breeze picks up, so do the ribbons -- gently fluttering and swirling all year long. But don’t be fooled by their delicate appearance. Rugged and…

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Ponytail Palms Overlooked in Florida Landscapes

Ponytail palms abound in pots and nurseries, but try finding them in Florida landscapes. Sure, you’ll spot them occasionally, but the Hollywood types of foxtails, wild dates and Cuban royals seem to be overshadowing them lately. And that’s too bad, because ponytails are perfectly fine specimens that have their own…

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Florida Cabbage Palms Deserve Your Respect

Florida cabbage palms deserve your respect for their hardiness and rugged good looks. Is there a place for them in your landscape? Well, let’s see. You'll find this iconic native (and state tree) to be one of the most wind-resistant, cold-hardy palms in Florida, and it’s practically disease-free. Cabbage palms…

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Cuban Royal Palms Grace Sarasota & Venice with Style

Cuban Royal palms grace Sarasota and Venice landscapes in a cool, calm and collected way. In fact, ArtisTree remembers Tommy Bahama selling “Stay Palm and Carry On” shirts - a play on words for “Stay Calm and Carry On.” Well, for us, calm/palm both speak to the Cuban Royal. You…

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