Glaucous Cassia Trees Light up Florida Landscapes

Glaucous Cassia trees are nicknamed “scrambled egg” trees for the way they whip up big fluffy yellow flowers that will bowl you over. If you want to make a color statement with your Florida landscape, the Glaucous Cassia can’t be beat.

Glaucous Cassia tree in Florida

Delightful, bright and showy

We’re not talking a spritz of yellow here and there. We’re talking a drenching of fluorescent yellow blossoms that almost seem to glow. Masses of yellow flowers bloom profusely in spring and fall, with clusters appearing on nearly every branch. It’s like having a magnificent yellow bouquet atop a slender trunk, luring butterflies from every corner of your neighborhood.  

Glaucous cassia makes a beautiful landscape statement

A mid-size choice that fits most any yard

Glaucous Cassia flowering trees don’t grow very tall — maybe 15 to 20 feet. So walk around your property and envision where you could use a bright showy specimen (keeping in mind that cassias like it sunny and dry). How about making it a centerpiece? Or what about over there as an under-story accent tree? Or perhaps it might be perfect as a stunning focal point near your entry way. The beauty of the color yellow is that it can visually open up small spaces in an instant, so look around for sunny, smaller-size spaces.

Glaucous cassias are easy to care for

Caring for your cassia

Because of its heavy foliage, you may need to stake your Glaucous Cassia for extra protection if heavy winds are anticipated. Otherwise, this tree is super easy to care for. No trimming needed unless you think it’s getting too bushy or you just want to shape it up a bit. Just don’t get your trimmers out until late March or early April to avoid possible frost damage. Water regularly and fertilize in spring, summer and fall. An extra treat of bone-meal supplement will help them burst out blooms even more.

ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance and Design

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