Florida Magnolias Beckon with Bracken’s Brown Beauty

Florida magnolias are beautiful across the board, but Bracken’s Brown Beauty might just be one of ArtisTree Landscape’s favorites.

Bracken's Brown Beauty magnolia
Courtesy: Cherrylake Farms

This broadleaf evergreen is so big that it could be called the Clydesdale of the magnolia tree world. Its gleaming noble stature makes it easy to spot, so much so that you want to walk right up to see if it’s real. In late spring, lush foliage cradles fragrant, creamy white flowers the size of dinner plates. Still, summer has to have its say, too. Almost overnight you’ll see petals give way to coffee-colored cones bearing bright red seeds.

Fragrant magnolia blooms

It’s only when you step back that can you appreciate the full majesty of these gentle giants. Their slightly pyramidal, oval shapes soften landscapes with an extra dimension of two-toned oval leaves. Tops are deep leathery green. Bottoms are a rich velvety brown. (Yes, they occasionally shed but don’t let it freak you out. It’s not a big deal considering the beauty you get in return.)

Just one Bracken’s Brown Beauty is stunning enough. But a row of them? You won’t be able to look away. Consider several to create a natural privacy screen or windbreak.

While this hardy cultivar is cold- and pest-tolerant, it does have a wide root system you’ll want to keep an eye on. Just make sure to give it plenty of space to allow for a 15-to-20 foot width and 30-to-50 foot height. All Florida magnolias grow best in moist, well-drained, slightly acid soils, with morning sun and afternoon shade.

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