Hong Kong Orchid Trees Dazzle with Supersized Blooms

Hong Kong Orchid Trees in Sarasota and Venice don’t even look real. There is no way an exotic orchid-shaped flower can bust out of a tree branch like that. But hundreds do, with giant ruffled petals the color of a purple and magenta Florida sunset. Sitting under a Hong Kong Orchid Tree is like sitting under a huge corsage without going to the prom. Yes, the tree canopy is that amazing!

Hong Kong orchid trees

Their flamboyant flowers aren’t the only ones on their dance card. Long, silvery branches arch out, covered with soft butterfly-shaped leaves. You’ll be able to enjoy an elegant umbrella of shade long after the January-through-May color explosion. And your neighbors can admire their bonsai-worthy silhouettes from afar, especially at night if you have outdoor landscape lighting.

Care and Placement

Hong Kong Orchid Trees, or Bauhinia blakeana, reach up to 40 feet, so you’ll need to give them lots of room to spread out. We recommend choosing a full-to-part sun location, and make sure you have well-drained soil. Avoid planting in a high-wind area. Once established, allow the soil to dry out between regular watering to encourage more blooms. Fertilize three times a year with a good granular product.

Can you plant Hong Kong Orchid Trees in a row? Sure! They make amazing privacy plants when spaced eight-to-ten feet apart. Or, you can install as a single shade tree that’s sure to become the focal plant of your landscape. Either way, keep branch ends trimmed – especially when the tree is young and a bit gangly-looking.

Hong Kong Orchid Trees

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If you want to add some colorful sass and class to your landscape, consider the breathtaking Hong Kong Orchid Tree. This bloomer is perfect for medium to large-sized properties, and birds and butterflies will thank you. Contact ArtisTree at 941.488.8897 and let us help get your landscape design project off the ground.

Do you live in an HOA community located in Sarasota, Manatee or Charlotte county? ArtisTree also provides HOA landscape maintenance services for communities such as Palmer Ranch, University Park, Lakewood Ranch and many others. Contact Michael Casper for a custom proposal designed to meet your HOA lawn care needs.

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