ArtisTree Landscape Writes Letter to Month of June

What happens when a dry spell lasts forever? At ArtisTree, we get our pen out.

ArtisTree Landscape Sarasota

Dear June,

Well, here we are — just you and us and the summer heat. Once again, you’ve brought drought conditions to our wonderful piece of paradise, but then we know how mercurial you are. Next thing we know, you’ll be raining and we’ll be dealing with weeds. The seeds are there just waiting for moisture to activate them so they can begin sprouting.

But back to your dreadful drought, June. ArtisTree communities are continuing to see lots of heat stress in all landscape material: trees, turf and plants. Not to make you feel bad or anything, but can you give us a break? Our Irrigation Department is working tirelessly to keep systems at optimum working levels. We get requests every day (actually every hour) to increase water. Can you run it a few more days? Can you run it more than one time a day? Can you turn it on every day? The list goes on.

Truth is, we live in an area that has watering restrictions we all must abide by. Some of our communities’ timers are at a maximum, prompting HOA boards to advise when and how much water to use. When our crews program irrigation, they also have to consider the pressure and the quality of the source (we do not want to dry up a well). How much reclaimed water does the community receive? How many gallons are allowed per SWFWMD? Luckily, we have the best people working for our communities, and we’re making decisions to keep everyone’s best interests in mind.

Not to bend your ear, June, but one more thing. You’re causing us to make some tough calls about cutting grass in certain areas. But that’s where our expertise comes in. Sometimes in these conditions it’s better to just let it go for an extra week to keep the blades of grass longer and help shade the roots more. When our account executives make that call, they’re keeping our communities in the loop and including them in part of that decision.  We’re in this together.

Of course, ArtisTree Landscape is still providing contracted services such as edging and blowing to keep properties looking their best. Our detail crews are focused on trimming hedges and weeds. They’re cleaning up dead palm fronds and seed pods. Our Pest Control Department remains on the lookout for warm weather pests such as chinch bugs and aphids on new plant growth. They’re also watching for thrips, mites and scales on ornamental plants. These are just some of the insects our trained technicians know how to treat.

OK, that’s it, June. Thanks for listening, even though we know full well you’re going to do what you want. But we still appreciate you, just as we appreciate all the communities we serve. It’s just that next year, can you chill a little?


ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design

ArtisTree Landscape Sarasota


ArtisTree Landscape has served Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties since 1990. Need a landscape maintenance proposal for your HOA? Call and ask for Michael Casper.

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