HOA landscape maintenance company or personal gardener?

Landscape maintenance in the HOA world can be a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, it’s gained an either/or perception as far as expectations go. Are you getting lawn care or yawn care?

Some homeowner associations perceive their HOA landscape maintenance providers to be personal gardeners. Imagine 18 different residents in a 60-home community stopping crew members with “Don’t cut here, cut there” or “This time I want some of my shrubs hard-trimmed to the ground” or “Can you test my irrigation while you’re here?”

Compare these expectations to other HOA communities that view their providers as “mow, blow and go” companies. Sadly, they have low-to-zero expectations about their “yawn care.”

Where does ArtisTree Landscape fit in?

Our reputable 32-year-old company is neither a personal gardener nor a slacker. We provide consistent, higher-standard services guided by contractual agreements. We go beyond the scope of our contract when it’s the right and fair thing to do. Always.  

A landscape committee member in one of our maintained communities explained it best: “ArtisTree is not a personal gardener. They do an outstanding job of ‘production’ landscaping, and their consistency from location to location is what separates them from the rest.”

Her comment was prompted by a fellow community resident who instructed ArtisTree not to trim the shrubs along the fence behind his home (the shrubs were in a common area). She went on to explain: “We clarified our guidelines for trimming bushes around the homes/cages a year or two ago, and they are in our community’s landscaping standards. The hedges in question are on common area and do not belong to the homeowner.” In other words, ArtisTree is expected to adhere to contract guidelines and can’t be personal gardeners.

Are you getting lawn care or yawn care?

Quality service. Consistently delivered. Adhered to by contract. ArtisTree’s consistency translates into reliability — the way residents feel when they see our trucks and say, “ArtisTree’s here!”

We’re not personal gardeners. But if selected to serve you, we’ll work hard to learn the nuances of your community. At the very least, we will meet your expectations.  More often we will exceed them.

HOA landscape maintenance

ArtisTree provides landscape maintenance services for HOA communities throughout SW Florida. Contact Mike Casper at 941.488.8897 for a proposal. Services include irrigation/water management, turf/ornamental maintenance, mulching and seasonal color.

Want to get your Sarasota landscape renovation started? Browse ArtisTree’s portfolio and then call Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897 to meet with one of our award-winning designers. We’ve proudly served Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties since 1990.



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