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Mahogany trees

Mahogany Trees Have More Polish Than You Think

Mahoganies (Swietenia mahogani) make great shade trees for large Florida properties. Mahogany trees in Florida are glorious shade-makers that thrive along streets and in large yards. So when we saw them in a southwestern Florida article titled “Worst Trees for Florida," we had to investigate. Turns out their bad review…

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Florida mistletoe infestation

Florida Mistletoe Attracts Kissers and Critics

Florida mistletoe is most commonly found on laurel oak trees. So if you want to experience the Christmas tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, just look up. This Florida evergreen grows on deciduous trees, so when the leaves fall, you can clearly see it on the bare branches. Grab a…

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Hurricane Irma

Don’t Give Up on Trees Overturned by Irma

Now that Hurricane Irma has roared through Florida, landscape companies across the state are being besieged by callers wanting their toppled trees to be replaced. ArtisTree’s advice? Don’t give up your trees overturned by Irma just yet. If yours is a smaller specimen, you may be able to treat it…

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The name may be hard to say, but this fruit tree’s simple pleasures (translate: jams and jellies) make up for it. What is the Jaboticaba? The myrtle family (myrtaceae) is home to the Surinam Cherry, Guava and plants that produce clove and allspice; however, the Jaboticaba tree is one of…

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