Palm Frizzle Top Shouldn’t Leave You Frazzled

Palm frizzle top is a common disorder and not a pathogenic disease. So try not to let frizzle top frazzle you out. At ArtisTree Landscape, we’ve seen this disorder occasionally in some of our Southwest Florida communities, and it basically means your palm is having bad hair days and needs to be pepped up with a micronutrient called manganese. Manganese works with a plant’s enzyme system to process carbs and help with nitrogen metabolism. Applying it to your affected palm will minimize frizzle top and help make those “frizzies” go away.

What are frizzle top symptoms?

So what kind of “bad hair days” are we talking about exactly? Trust us, you’ll know. Look for these symptoms:

  • Dry, crispy-looking leaves
  • Stubby-looking new growth
  • Yellow streaking on frond leaves
  • Curled up fronds (in some cases)

That’s why you need to get on top of frizzle top before it gets on top you. Palms that are more susceptible to frizzle top include queen palms, royal palms and pygmy date palms.

Palm frizzle top
Credit: T. K. Broschat, UF/IFAS

What caused my frizzle top to begin with?

Yes, we know. You were taking such good care of your palm. What happened? Well, don’t be too hard on yourself. Manganese deficiency occurs naturally in plants growing in a pH of over 6.5 and in poorly drained organic matter. Drought-stressed plants are also susceptible. We’ve seen palms grown in alkaline develop this disorder. Cooler soil temperature will sometimes lead to frizzle top, too.

Palm frizzle top
Credit: T.K. Broschat, UF/IFAS

How do I prevent and treat frizzle top?

The best way to help prevent and/or minimize your palm frizzle top is to fertilize your palm with an essential minor element package. Minor elements are nutrients used by plants in very small amounts but are still essential to plant health. While these nutrients will help new leaves stay green, you’ll need to adhere to a regular regimen.

You’re in luck.

If you live in Sarasota, Manatee, or Charlotte County in an ArtisTree-maintained HOA community, then your shrubs and palms will be regularly inspected and treated according to your contract’s specifications.

Palm frizzle top
Credit: T.K. Broschat, UF/IFAS
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