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Agapanthus panned by ArtisTree Plantopinions experts.

Agapanthus doesn’t pan out for most local Sarasota County landscapes, at least if you ask ArtisTree’s Plantopinions experts. No one questions their beauty – delicate blooms in lavender, purple, blue or white perched on tall single stalks. Even the strap-like leaves in clear rich green will draw you in. But…

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HOA irrigation systems

HOA irrigation systems: Consider the source.

HOA irrigation systems all have one thing in common. They’re only as good as their water supply source. If the source isn’t functioning as it should be, then plants and turf will be affected despite the best efforts of any landscape maintenance provider. Moreover, companies like ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance &…

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Italian cypress trees

Italian cypress trees: Get the skinny from ArtisTree experts.

Italian cypress trees impress with their tall, statuesque presence and ultra-thin shape. But behind their stately appearance are maintenance concerns and questionable ability to withstand high winds (like any other tall tree in Florida, right?). Still, there's much to be said for these slim evergreens and their Mediterranean vibe. Get…

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Work order ArtisTree

Work order etiquette in the landscape world

Work order etiquette in the landscape world might be considered contradictory by some. What does the messy business of digging dirt and wrestling with thorns have to do with decorum and orderliness? Fortunately, ArtisTree’s “A.R.T.” work order system (the ArtisTree Request Tracker) keeps everything neatly organized and documented. It’s a…

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