Q:   My wife wants to cover our fence with some kind of flowering evergreen vine that’ll grow quickly. However, she prefers something that no one else has, and she’s really into pinks and reds. Other than that, she’s not too picky. Any ideas?

A:  I think I have the perfect choice for you. It’s called Rangoon Creeper (Chinese honeysuckle) and it meets all your wife’s requirements. But first, the way this specimen blooms is a story in itself. The trumpet-shaped flowers emerge as white, then turn pink, and finally to a deep red over a span of several days. So all three colors are visible on the plant at the same time (quite the opposite of flowers that fade — these get more vibrant).

Also, Rangoon Creeper is not something you’ll see on every street corner because quite honestly, it’s hard to find. But if you stick with your search, it’s well worth it. Blossoms cluster and cascade from the vine to create a truly spectacular effect. The fragrance is on the sweet side and has a way of wafting over fences and trellises, filling entire yards.

Finally, your wife wanted something she could enjoy sooner than later, and the Rangoon Creeper again delivers.  It’s a rapid grower, reaching up to 50 feet if not pruned. You’ll definitely want to plant this branching climber in an area that has plenty of space (make sure your fence is sturdy, too). Rangoon Creeper likes full to partial sun and rich, well-drained soil. If your fence is big enough for a large vine like this, and you keep an eye on pruning, you will enjoy an endless profusion of blooms all summer long.

Rangoon Creeper


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