Florida’s Prettiest Flowering Shrubs: Thrilling Thryallis

What you first notice about thryallis are thousands of lemony flowers busting out as if they’re all making a mad dash to the sun. And they are. Pert and pretty, these tough little sun chasers bloom with abandon and look spectacular planted in masses, in patio pots or along entry steps. Without a doubt, this evergreen shrub (Galphimia gracilis) has a sunny personality right up to the tips of its five-foot-long branches (although it can be kept to three feet).

thryallisAll thryallis asks for is at least six-to-eight hours of direct sun to look its showy best. Otherwise, it will look OK but bloom less. Same thing goes with moisture. It loves hot weather, but too little watering reduces flowering. Got it? But no worries; overall it’s moderately drought-resistant and non-fussy.

And yes, thryallis responds well to pruning (it actually needs a hard pruning in late March/early April). But we cringe when we see it hedged or made into topiaries. Sorry, but that’s like giving Rapunzel a crewcut. Mother Nature designed it to grow willy-nilly, to be carefree. That’s the whole thrill of thryallis — to watch its graceful spiked flowers bloom on and off all summer long and into fall.

If you’re looking for a yellow-flowering shrub that’s cottage-garden worthy, consider the sweet-scented thryallis for your Southwest Florida landscape. Tell your professional landscape designer you want something delicate-looking but hardy — something that looks like it might belong in a fairy tale but has some muscle to it. If you ask ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design, the magic answer may very well be thryallis. Email ArtisTree or call us at 941.488.8897

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