Smart Floridians Supplement Irrigation with Garden Hoses

Smart Floridians supplement irrigation with good, old-fashioned garden hoses. But those who don’t? They might be missing out, says ArtisTree Irrigation Manager Bob Hall.

ArtisTree Irrigation Manager Bob Hall
ArtisTree Irrigation Manager Bob Hall

“I can’t tell you how many times homeowners will turn on their entire system for 30 minutes, all because an area the size of a postage stamp is dry,” says Hall. “If they’d invest in a hose and sprinkler head, they’d reap significant benefits.”

A simple garden hose can make all the difference.

For starters, turning on an entire irrigation system (especially if you live in a new construction community) to water one tiny area could be risky. You might over-water your property. Fungus and mower ruts might appear. Even zoned watering might put out too much water for one small spot.

And here’s something else to think about. You can also use a hose to get a jump on the drought season. If water restrictions don’t prohibit additional irrigation use, water your small dry area to help keep your grass and plants healthy as possible.

Smart Floridians supplement irrigation to establish new plantings.

ArtisTree Account Manager Mike Riordan
ArtisTree Account Executive Mike Riordan, FCHP

ArtisTree Account Executive Mike Riordan says he encourages his residents to water extra in early summer before daily rainfalls arrive. “People who live here full-time and go buy a hose never regret it. Additional hand watering also helps establish new plantings.”

Finally, don’t place the cart before the horse. Be sure your irrigation system is operating smoothly. Countless HOA communities in Florida rely on professional landscape companies for maintenance. Does your system measure up? ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design supplies a checklist.

Above all, remember that even the most expensive state-of-the art systems can use a hand from occasional hand watering. Treat yourself to a garden hose and you’ll be treating your yard as well. (Getting outside and enjoying the Florida sunshine doesn’t hurt either.)

ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance and Design

ArtisTree provides landscape maintenance proposals for HOA communities in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties. Contact Michael Casper for information. Ready for a landscape renovation? Contact Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897 or Let’s get your dream landscape off the ground.

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