Florida Pindo Palms Provide Instant Feathery Flair

Florida pindo palms, or “jelly palms,” are a real day brightener. First, they’ll lure you outdoors just to watch their feathery fronds ruffle in the wind. Then they’ll present you with a gift to take back inside: loads of orange-colored berries that make a delicious jelly. With their sweet banana/pineapple flavor, your morning breakfast will never be the same.

Florida pindo palms

Life is good when you have a pindo

Yes, life is good when you have a pindo palm. Pindos exude a classy, Old Florida feel with blue-green/silvery fronds like the kind you see on vintage postcards. This slow grower reaches up to about 20 feet and provides outstanding contrast against traditional greenery. It dresses up almost any kind of residence you can think of, too — an old-style bungalow, a large estate, a waterfront home or even a horse ranch.

Florida pindo palms

Hardy sun lovers loaded with berries

As far as installation and maintenance go, you’ve got it made in the shade. If you install a young pindo palm, the fronds will be low to the ground, so allow for extra space around the trunk. No soil amendments are necessary. Then get ready for a trunk show. Over time your pindo will thicken with attractive wood leaf bases. Minimal irrigation is fine. Fertilize each season with a good granular. You can trim dead fronds when they’re young, but let them fall off on their own when they mature. Sun-loving pindos are among the hardiest you’ll find in Southwest Florida, so no need to worry about drought, salt air or occasional cold weather.

Florida pindo palms

Florida pindo palms shine best as stand-alone specimens, but you can also plant them in well-spaced rows or clusters. Ten feet apart ought to do it, pending their size. All that’s left for you to do is admire those unique, feathery fronds that curl down as though to welcome you. And don’t forget to have a basket in hand to collect those edible berries.

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