Loropetalum Shrubs Liven Up Florida Landscapes

Loropetalum Shrubs

Loropetalum shrubs are known for the razzle-dazzle way they fire up Sarasota, Florida landscapes. Their branches of richly colored foliage will fringe your other plants as if to tell them, “You need something to go with that drab green and you need it now!”

An evergreen shrub with plenty of attitude

Yes, Loropetalum is a feisty shrub with lots of attitude. Also known as Razzleberry, this cold-hardy evergreen boasts hot-pink flowers but is chosen more for its spectacular leaf color. Several varieties exist, with plum being among the most popular. Loropetalum reaches up to 6 to 15 feet tall but is most often pruned as a shrub. This moderate grower is a brilliant choice for hedges and borders. It can even serve as a focal-point cluster for landscape beds. Just make sure you plant it in well-drained soil since it doesn’t like “wet feet.”

Loropetalum Shrubs

Trade drab green for Loropetalum’s razzle-dazzle

When do the frilly pink blooms punch out? You’re in luck. Count on seeing them year round (although they’re more abundant in the spring). Plant in sun or part shade and stand back. Your Loropetalum will reward you with vibrant leaves the color of a raspberry dessert. “Razzleberries” can wake up a drab green landscape in an instant. They can also add breathtaking contrast to colorful plant varieties such as Gold Mound Duranta.

Loropetalum Shrubs

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ArtisTree Landscape Loropetalum

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