Sandankwa Viburnum a Top Hedge Choice for ArtisTree Designers

Sandankwa viburnum shrubs are a top hedge choice that all ArtisTree Landscape designers can agree on. They’re hardy, handsome and hands-down a top performer in Southwest Florida landscapes. No wonder ArtisTree Vice President/Landscape Division Joe Mantkowski enjoys them in his own backyard.

Sandankwa viburnum

A lush tropical look to any outdoor setting

“The thing I really like about my Sandankwa hedge is the minimum care it requires,” says Mantkowski. “I’ll occasionally give it a light trim to preserve its size and natural look, but other than that, I just let it do its thing. It adds a lush tropical look to any outdoor setting and remains dense full to the ground for nice privacy.”

Ideal for coastal residences

Also known as Viburnum suspensum, these cold-tolerant evergreens do just fine in shade or full sun, growing up to six feet tall and wide. Long leathery green leaves are dotted with fragrant pink-tinged white flowers in the Spring. Sandankwa viburnum isn’t fussy about soil content either. In fact, its salt tolerance makes it ideal for coastal residences in Siesta Key, Long Boat Key and other nearby locale.

Sandankwa viburnum hedge

“In addition to hedge screens, ArtisTree designers will spec Sandankwa viburnum as foundation plantings around the home,” Mantkowski points out. “We’ve used them as corner accents, around the trunks of tall palms, and as camouflage shrubs around pool equipment and air conditioning units.”

While Sandankwa viburnum is native to Japan, it’s classified as a Florida-Friendly plant. “Every one of ArtisTree’s clients has been happy with this durable species, including my own family,” Mantkowski says. “If you’re looking for a worry-free hedge choice that can go tropical or formal, you’ll love the Sandankwa.”

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