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Starburst Clerodendrum

Starburst Clerodendrum Stars as a Shrub or Tree

Starburst Clerodendrum dazzles with star-like flowers that burst open in Florida’s late winter or early spring. What’s remarkable about this eye-catching specimen (also known as a Shooting Star Clerodendrum) is that you can have it both ways – growing it as cluster-packed showy shrub or as a tree loaded with…

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Spartan juniper

Spartan Juniper: Fast-growing Hedge for Sarasota

Do you need privacy from a roadway or neighbor? Want a tall, luxurious hedge to boost the value of your property? Plant a row of Spartan junipers, and before you know it, your backyard will become a peaceful and private sanctuary. Native to China (not Ancient Greece as its name…

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Walter's viburnum shrub

Walter’s Viburnum: One of Florida’s Forgotten Hedges

Often overlooked by Florida residents, Walter’s Viburnum is an excellent hedge choice for several reasons. But first, let’s answer the burning question: “What’s up with a plant named Walter?” Well, Walter’s Viburnum honors a colonial botanist named Thomas Walter (1740-1789). This English-born planter described the species in his catalog of…

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Brunfelsia shrub

Brunfelsia shrub: A beautiful tongue twister

Brunfelsia pauciflora ‘Floribunda’ -- say that three times! Nicknamed “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” the brunfelsia shrub blooms profusely with pansy-like, fragrant flowers in Southwest Florida landscapes until the end of summer. Native to Brazilian woodlands, it burgeons a deep violet, turns to lavender and then white all in three days;…

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