Southern Red Cedar Trees a Lakewood Ranch Favorite

Southern red cedar trees seem to prevail in Lakewood Ranch, their tall pyramidal symmetry gracing numerous spacious properties. If you want your landscape to make an elegant statement, this handsome evergreen also grown on Christmas tree farms could be the perfect choice.

Southern red cedar trees
This newly installed Southern red cypress tree contrasts nicely with a nearby magnolia.

Southern red cedars can be planted singly or spaced apart.

ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design recently installed this stately specimen at a private residence in The Lake Club. Trees were planted singly and also spaced apart for a dramatic effect — a perfect complement to nearby magnolias. Do they work as a hedge? Yes. Southern red cypress trees measure up in every way. They serve as a nice windbreak and tall privacy screen. They also provide a dense habitat for wildlife. Birds use them as a nesting cover and are attracted to their berries.

Southern red cedars are non-fussy in every way.

You’d think a specimen this regal would require lots of attention. But it’s actually an easy-care juniper (Latin name is Juniperus virginiana). No trimming needed unless you wish to maintain a specific shape. In fact, Southern red cedars are non-fussy in every way. They’re cold tolerant. Salt tolerant. And once established, drought tolerant. A note: They don’t like to be overly irrigated, and you’ll need to water well during dry spells.

Southern red cedar trees
These new installs surrounded by Gold Mound Duranta will plump out nicely once settled in.

You’ll have your own live Christmas tree to enjoy year round.

You can plant Southern red cedars in full or part sun (full sun is best) and in most soils as long as they’re well drained. Apply a good granular fertilizer spring, summer and fall. This will help ensure they keep their signature manicured look. With proper care, your Southern red cedar will reach up to 40 feet tall/30 feet wide and provide your family with years of enjoyment. And just think: You’ll also have your own year-round Christmas tree.

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