White Candle plants light up Florida landscapes.

For your White Candle plants to shine their best, plant in Zone 10.

White Candle plants will glow if you keep them nice and warm and in the shade. Seems pretty obvious but that’s because they shine their brightest when not competing with the bright sun. These perennials love being the star of the show and will reward you with pristine white blooms if you cater to their star status.

Whitfieldia elongata, aka White Candle plant

White Candle plants are not temperamental. You just have to plant them in the right place and take care of them. For instance, Zone 10 works best. No sustained cold temps, please. And heaven forbid, don’t let them dry out between waterings. If you get all this right, these African shrubs will add a lush tropical look to your landscape that’s sure to elicit glowing praise from your neighbors.

White candle plants
At this residence in The Lake Club, White Candle shrubs are paired with Sandankwa Viburnum in a protected spot against the house. Large maples cast morning shade, with the home providing shade in the afternoon. 

Plant your White Candle plants where they can glow.

White Candles tolerate early morning light but are most happy when growing in bright shade. Cold wind is a limiting factor, as they’re not cold friendly. Planting in a protected area works best. These perennials insist on moist but well-drained acidic soil. Again, don’t let them dry out. Other than that, they are easy care and will reward you with frothy white blooms almost all year long. 

White Candle plants

Design considerations: pairings and placement

ArtisTree Landscape Designer Brian Clouser recommends using White Candles as an understory plant, particularly as an edging plant or second layer. “I prefer them as a second layer because they can get a bit leggy if they aren’t allowed to flow or fall out from the base,” he says. “They have a bit of a loose cottage look which I really like.”

Clouser pairs White Candles with shade-loving and traditional southern plants. He suggests cat palms, variegated ginger, Ti plants, crotons, philodendrons, Apostles’ Iris, Triostar Stromanthe or wart fern. For locations where there’s a bit more sun, you can pair your White Candles with copperleaf, viburnums, azaleas (where deer aren’t an issue) and foxtail fern.

Are White Candle plants a match for your landscape?

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