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Baby Sunrose

Baby Sunrose: A good turf alternative or not?

Baby Sunrose is often thought of as a spunky succulent that cascades out of pots and crawls across boulders. Since it spreads so well, can it be used as a turf replacement for your entire yard? That’s a tall order, say ArtisTree Plantopinions experts. Still, don’t underestimate how this succulent…

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Asiatic Jasmine Minima

Asiatic Jasmine Minima a Hardy Turfgrass Alternative

Asiatic Jasmine Minima's popularity has spread throughout Sarasota, with its hardy evergreen vines covering hard-to-mow areas or spaces where grass simply won’t grow. If you're frustrated trying to get turfgrass established, this feisty groundcover nicknamed Minima will bring you maximum relief. Asiatic Jasmine Minima steals the show at this property…

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Emerald Blanket Carissa a top groundcover shrub in Florida

Emerald Blanket Carissa is a sparkling groundcover choice for Southwest Florida residents because, well, you can cover a lot of ground with it. For starters, its deep-green leaves look lovely next to colorful annuals such as Purslane or Blue Daze. And there’s nothing prettier than seeing a rich swath of…

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Florida Friendly Gold Sedum Will Spike Up Your Garden

Florida Friendly Gold Sedum finds its niche nearly everywhere – creeping over boulders, spilling down slopes or cascading from coral-colored pots. It’s needle-like but soft. Ground hugging but bright. If you’re looking for a graceful succulent with a spunky attitude, you’ll see it in sedum. As you might guess, gold…

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