Soil preparation: Why you need a $10 hole for a $2 plant

We know. You’re wondering why on earth a little $2 coleus should “cost” $10 to plant. Well, if you did a little digging on soil preparation, here’s what you’d find out.

Soil prep is more important than the plant itself. If you plant a coleus in dense clay soil, you’ll eventually have a dead coleus. But if you have loose, crumbly soil versus compacted clay, it stands to reason that nutrients and water will reach the roots much more easily.

Mix things up

So here’s what you do. You mix things up. Amend the soil with fertilizer, compost and other possible additives such as sand. Then make sure you have the right tools to install your plants. A good strong back helps, too. After all, it takes sweat and muscles to install your plantings.

All this sounds pretty easy and straightforward, doesn’t it? But research shows that time and again, proper soil preparation is skipped and plants are just dropped into the holes. No wonder some people have so little success growing plants.

Still not sold? Here’s another interesting way to look at it. Would you put a $10 plant in a $2 hole?

Prep, prep, prep and you’ll see the value of a $10 hole. You’ll also appreciate why hiring a professional landscape company is sometimes the smartest path to take for your large renovations.

soil preparation

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