OK, so you have this beautiful Sarasota landscape but something’s missing. What can you plant in that open area that will shout “Spring!” but then provide nice shade in the fall? Consider the Cassia bakeriana. If a tree can be described as jubilant, this is THE one.

While the Cassia javanica (Apple Blossom Shower Tree) is more widely planted, the Cassia bakeriana has more of an ornamental feel. It grows to 20-30’, but its long graceful branches make up for its smaller stature by greeting you with branches completely covered in pink blossoms.

Both cassia species require abundant sunlight and water to grow their best. If you’re a loving gardener, they’ll love you back — with bees and butterflies in the spring and cool shade in the fall. You’ll also appreciate their flexible branches in southwest Florida’s windy climate.

One tip: Don’t despair when your pink cassia goes leafless a few weeks before flowering. It’s just conserving energy so it can pop out the pink in March, which, come to think of it, would be a great time for you to pop open a bottle of pink champagne and celebrate this “jubilant” tree.

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Sarasota Landscape Pink Cassia

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