ArtisTree Custom Landscapes Are Made to Order

Sarasota wild date palms and Cuban royal palms
Hand-selected foxtail palms and wild date palms grace this stunning Sarasota waterfront residence.

ArtisTree custom landscapes refer to much more than a customized design. With that design you’re also getting ultra-fresh plant material based on our “on-demand” business model. If you’re a Floridian living in Lakewood Ranch, University Park, Wellen Park (West Villages) or other nearby community, here’s what you can expect.

Five reasons to choose ArtisTree custom landscapes

  • ArtisTree orders trees and plant material only after you approve your final landscape plan. No need to worry if your landscape will be created with surplus inventory sitting in our private nursery.
  • Your plant material will be unique to your custom landscape design plan — down to the size, color and quantities our designers have specified for you.
  • We hand-select and purchase all plants and trees from exclusive ArtisTree growers in south and southwest Florida. You’ll get healthy specimens that will flourish with proper care.
  • Once your plants are transferred to our nursery, they’ll receive on-site watering so that on installation day, they’re delivered in healthy, vigorous condition (minimal lag time between their ArtisTree “nursery stay” and delivery to your home site).
  • ArtisTree provides a 90-day warranty for your newly installed plant materials along with a convenient, online warranty submittal process.
Florida Stromanthe tropical plants
ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design hand-selected these gorgeous Stromanthe tropical plants for a Lakewood Ranch residence.

Let’s get your dream landscape started.

No wonder ArtisTree custom landscapes are easy to spot. Of course, we know every landscape has a different story and fulfills a different need, but what makes all ours the same is how each one is always made to order. We’ll never stock our private nursery with “old” surplus inventory and try to fit it into your important project.

ArtisTree Landscape

If you’re longing for a landscape renovation that’s truly “you,” contact Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897 or We’ll be happy to get you on our schedule so our award-winning designers can create a look you’ll love.

ArtisTree has been bringing Florida landscapes to life in Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties since 1990. We also provide community-wide HOA landscape maintenance services. Interested? Contact Michael Casper and we’ll get your proposal started.

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