Sarasota Landscapes Get Old: What You Can Do About It

Sarasota landscapes can get old just like people do. If you have mature plantings that look tired and outdated, it might be time to “retire” them in exchange for a modern design that better provides for your future needs.


Japanese fern tree

Sarasota landscapes: Get it together with the right choices.

Retirement signs to watch for? Step outside and bring this handy five-point inspection list with you:

  1. Trees have grown large and are providing too much shade and root competition with other plants. Face it, that Weeping Bottlebrush Tree you planted under your Laurel Oak is never going to thrive and give you those bright red flowers you were hoping for. No wonder it’s weeping.
  2. Loss of trees or major branches are causing shade-loving plants to get too much sun. Have you wondered why your fluffy Shell Ginger keeps getting fried every year? Look up! See all that sky that didn’t used to be there?
  3. You’re improperly pruning your shrubs or letting them get too big. That old scraggly Podocarpus that you prune into a vertical shoebox shape every month just can’t take it anymore. You see more branch than leaf. Poor podo. 
  4. You’ve planted your trees and shrubs in the wrong place or too close together. Imagine if you were a Green Island Ficus shrub squished against a European Fan Palm. You’d be a little prickly, too.
  5. Hardscapes and lighting are damaged or worn. C’mon, these are easy fixes! We’re not talking plastic surgery requiring weeks of recuperation. Get your landscape looking young and vibrant again with some new modern choices.

Don’t wait: Your landscape isn’t getting any younger.

Sarasota Landscape Design

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Retirement isn’t just for people. It’s good for plants, too. The plantings you installed years ago may no longer meet your original vision. Call a company who knows Sarasota landscapes. If you live in Sarasota, Manatee or Charlotte counties, ArtisTree Landscape is your best place to start. Just contact Jenni Lassen at 941.488.8897 and she’ll get you on our schedule with one of our award-winning designers. But don’t wait too long. Your landscape isn’t getting any younger.

For HOA landscape maintenance proposals, contact Mike Casper.

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